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View our current and upcoming RV store sale and specials here.  Like us on FaceBook and follow us on Instagram to stay up to date on monthly RV parts store sales and specials at one of Maine's best stocked RV stores.  Our store may be small, and deceiving from outside, but the shelves are filled with thousands of RV parts and accessories for RV, camp or home!

Monthly savings continue at Good Times! Save 15% Off on specially selected RV accessories* in our well-stocked RV Parts and Accessory Store from May to mid-December.  Jill has selected many items to get you outfitted for your best camping ever! You will find our store shelves jam-packed with thousands of items including RVing necessities, supplies, parts, and accessories for your RV, camp or home! Good Times carries repair and maintenance items for the do-it-yourselfers. Special orders are welcome.

November-December RV Store Specials

  • sale-camco-water-heater-tank-rinser1

    Camco Water Heater Tank Rinser

    Clean out heat-robbing, accumulated sediment from your water heater tank to prevent corrosion. Restore heating efficiency and extend water heater life. Handy built-in on/off valve.
    Reg $13.39 Sale Price $11.39

  • sale-fresh-cab

    Fresh Cab Botanical Rodent Repellent

    A safe alternative to traditional baits. Keeps mice out of enclosed storage areas and freshens the air. Just place a pouch in the area you want to protect. Single pouch covers areas up to 250 s.f. Warranty 100% money back guarantee. 4 scented plant-based pouches with balsam fir oil per box
    Reg $21.95 Sale Price $18.65

  • sale-Tomcat-rodent-block

    Rodent Block Expanding Foam Barrier.

    Often purchased with Fresh Cab-Tomcat Rodent Block Expanding Foam Barrier. This expanding foam is specially formulated to block mice, providing a long-lasting, airtight and water-resistant bond to most building materials. The foam can be trimmed, sanded, and painted if desired. Use in crevices inside and outside your RV, camp or home, including the garage, attic, basement, and foundation.  Tomcat Rodent Block Expanding Foam Barrier is the pesticide-free way to keep mice out. 12 oz can with applicator straw $14.99

  • sale-ClassicPermaProTTcover

    Classic RV Storage Covers

    Classic RV Storage Covers
    Perma Pro Covers travel trailer sizes 20′-35′ Call for further information and measuring instructions. Lifetime warranty.
    Save 15% Off. Reg Prices $571.49-$701.49

    Encompass Covers travel trailer sizes 18′-33′
    Save 15% Off. Reg Prices $599.00-742.99

  • sale-ClassicPermaPro5Wcover

    Classic RV Storage Covers

    Perma Pro Covers 5th wheel sizes 33′-37′, 37-41′ tall. Call for further information and measuring instructions. LIfetime warranty
    Save 15% off. Reg Prices $727.49-$779.49

    Encompass Covers 5th wheel sizes 29′-41′
    Save 15% off. Call for further information and measuring instructions.
    Reg Prices $742.99-857.49

  • sale-ClassicPermaProCLCMHcover

    Classic RV Storage Covers

    Encompass Covers Class C Motorhomes sizes 23′-32′. Call for further information and measuring instructions.
    Save 15% off. Reg Prices $742.99-771.99

  • sale-rv-toys

    Diecast Toys

    Save 15% off diecast toys. Choose from assorted toys including tow vehicle with travel trailer or truck and fifth wheel, as well as Class C and Class A motorhomes.
    Reg $11.15-$27.30

  • sale-lynx-levelers

    Interlocking Lynx Leveler Blocks

    We call these Legos on steroids! Stack these interlocking Lynx Leveler blocks into a pyramid and drive up on to level your RV. Rated to hold up to 40,000 pounds. 10 pack with convenient nylon storage bag. Check out other parking and leveling accessories that are designed to work with the Lynx Levelers.
    Reg $48.49 Sale Price $43.65

  • sale-Faulkner-mats

    Reversible patio mats

    Save 15% off reversible patio mats made of breathable polypropylene does not hurt grass. Great for RV, camp, or Easy to clean and available in assorted sizes (6’x9′, 9’x12′, 8’x16′, and 8’x20′), colors and patterns. Some include carrying bag
    Reg $51.50-$164.99 Sale Price 15% Off

  • sale-Life-Is-Better-Container-Blue

    Life is Better at the Campsite pop-up container

    Save 15% off this super versatile Life is Better at the Campsite pop-up container with zippered lid and handles for easy transport. It folds flat for storage. Holds 30 gallon trash bag and is tear resistant with a durable, washable liner.
    Reg Price $28.95 Sale Price $24.60

  • sale-Xchock

    BAL X-Chock

    Save 15% off the BAL X-Chock provides added stabilization and prevents tire shifts by applying opposing force to tandem applications. As opposed to other chocks, the X-Chock works with the tires’ natural movement instead of against them. The X-Chock fits even the tightest applications retracting down to 1 3/8″ and extend to 10″. It is lockable for added security with optional padlock 28015. Lightweight and easy to store. Includes ratchet wrench. Made in USA.
    Reg Price $99.00 Sale Price $84.15

  • sale-anode-rod-another-rig-extreme-corrosion

    Suburban Water Heater Anode Rod

    Available with aluminum rod or magnesium rod. Both with commercial stainless steel core helps extend the working life of the anode rod and your hot water tank. For Suburban porcelain-lined tank water heaters.
    Reg $21.19 Sale Price $18.00

  • sale-Antifreeze-Champion

    Champion Non-Toxic Premium RV Anti-Freeze-Alcohol Free

    great for winterizing RVs, vacation homes, trailers, boats, pools & more. Safely winterized all potable fresh water plumbing systems with guaranteed burst protection to -50F. Alcohol free Propylene Glycol base, corrosion inhibitor, and colorant. Not intended for use in automotive cooling systems, hydronic heating systems or solar systems.
    We do not sell any ethanol alcohol based RV anti-freeze.
    Price by gallon
    6 gallon case 10% discount

  • sale-Camco-Stove-top-cover-white

    CLOSEOUT SPECIAL-Camco Stove Top Cover

    Camco Stove Top Cover adds extra counter space. Arranges 3 separate ways for easy stove access. Hinged for easy access to front burners. Protects and hides stove top burners when not in use. Durable steel construction. Universal fits 3 or 4 burner stoves. Rattle-free design. Limited supply of white and almond.
    Current Retail Price $91.99 Closeout price $25.00

  • sale-Gift-Certificate

    Gift Certificates

    The perfect gift for almost every occasion! Good Times gift certificates can be purchased in any amount with no expiration date! Purchase in person or over the phone and we can mail it to you or the recipient!

  • reusable-green-bag

    2022 Limited Edition large reusable cloth shopping bags

    Sold out! Watch for the 2023 Limited Edition in April 2023!

  • 2022-catalog

    2022 RV Parts and Accessory Catalog

    Free while supplies last
    Click here to view our online catalog.
    This catalog features items from just one of our many suppliers and is to be used as a guide. Parts availability and price is subject to change at any time.