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Product Recalls

Cequent Performance Products Safety Recall Notice

Cequent Performance Products has issued a recall on certain Reese(p/n 64970) and the Pro Series (p/n63970) Weight Distribution Shanks. These parts were both sold individually and as a set in certain Reese and Pro Series Weight Distribution Kits.
Please visit http://www.cequentgroup.com/wdshank.pdf for the most updated information.

Norcold Refrigerator Recall Bulletin

Affected models: 1200 and or 1210 model refrigerators fitted with a field or factory installed HTS(High Temperature Sensor) Please go to http://www.norcoldrecall.com
Affected Models: 1200,1201,1210 and 1211 four door models, 1996-2010.
Serial number range is from 315525 to 13088811.
Cooling unit serial number range is from 700000 to 13085759.

Norcold refrigerator Recall

A safety recall exists in certain Norcold gas/electric refrigerators. Models affected are 442, 443, 452, EV452, 453, 462, EV462, 463, EV463, 482, RV482, 483, EV483, 874 and 875 manufactured from Jan 1987 through May 1995. Please call 1-800-767-9101 or your local RV dealer if your refrigerator is affected. STOP using your refrigerator immediately and unplug it from the AC power source.

Dometic Refrigerator Safety Recall

Dometic has voluntarily recalled a number of two-door refrigerators manufactured between April 1997 and May of 2003. To find out if your refrigerator falls with the recall please go to “Official Dometic Recall