RV Mattresses

What do you think is the first item that most RV owners replace?  The bed mattress! And there is nothing worse than a bad night’s sleep! So in response to that statistic Good Times is now an authorized dealer for the Mobile Sleep ™ RV Mattresses proudly 100% made in the USA.  They offer 4 different quality levels of mattresses that “can be made to fit all makes and models of Motorhomes, Fifth wheels, Travel Trailers, folding campers, and truck campers”,  in thicknesses of 5.5”, 6.5”, 8.5”, and 10” in standard RV sizes as well as special orders (cut corners).

The MSC mattresses are built of non-toxic Certipur certified foams that meet CFR-1633 and MVSS-302 requirements and are breathable, hypo-allergenic, and mite resistant with luxurious quilting and decorative borders.  With the use of water-based non-toxic adhesives and plant-based foam and zero controversial chemicals making them the most eco-friendly foam mattresses available.  They use rayon for the fire retardant material instead of bromide or formaldehyde.  Studies show that formaldehyde and bromide can be absorbed into the skin while sleeping.  Their mattresses are 1-sided, no-flip, and designed to be maintenance-free and carry a 10 year warranty.  These hand crafted, premium, residential-quality mattresses are suited for extreme hot and cold temperatures and provide support for up to two 250 lb adults.

They can ship their mattresses anywhere in the continental US by using a roll-packed method that keeps the cost of shipping economical or picked up at Good Times.  Standard RV mattresses sizes are usually shipped within 7 days.  Special order sizes require a few more days to manufacture and ship.  Once you receive your mattress just simply remove the plastic wrapping and it will expand to it’s full size in about 4 hours. The kind folks at Mobile Sleep have shared this link with us for you to find out more about their made in USA foam mattresses  http://www.mobilesleepcomponents.com/our-mattress-video/.  Improve your sleep with a comfortable and affordable Mobile Sleep ™ mattress!  Call Good Times Unlimited at 1-888-301-3400 or 207-778-3482 for a price quote. 

Replacement RV Mattress features

Features of the 100% USA made replacement RV mattresses

5.5" RV replacement mattress

5.5″ eco-friendly, 100% made in USA RV replacement mattress

8.5" RV replacement mattress

8.5″ RV replacement mattress by in USA with most eco-friendly materials